Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Be careful !!! Do not try free $1 credit score report on the web. It's a kind of fraud

Be careful when you want to check your personal credit score report through three major credit score companies. Especially when you find a free $1 credit score on run by one of major credit score companies in the United States.

Their Ad is a 99% fraud without disclosing they are charging $14.95 monthly and automatically even though you never ever authorized it unless you do not cancel the automatically enrolled membership within 7 days.  They will tell you that you did not read their term properly, which is not clear and makes customer believe there is only $1 payment.

If you click "Get My instant $1 Report & Score", it will ask you to create an account that will lead you to fill out your credit card number and personal information through which you may think that they will charge only $1. No !!! It's a trap and fraud !!!

After creating account they will ask you to fill out credit card number.

As soon as you provide your credit card number to pay $1, it makes you an enrolled member that needs to pay $14.95 or $30 every month automatically. Do not let them cheat and do fraud to you. Without clear explanation and authorization from you, they will charge some amount. If you complain asking refund, they will tell you, you did not read the term properly.

Even the credit card company will defend this company (Experian ) saying that they cannot do anything at all for you. Even though you close your credit card and make a new number of card, they will charge. (A chase bank card customer service person told me.)  It's funny, isn't it?

If you search a web, you will find many people who got trapped by this fraud by Experian Credit score company's advertisement.  

So, I forced them to cancel my membership that I was not aware of, and refund my money. They said they will after 9- 10 business days. I will keep watching it if they do it or not. The amount is not a matter, but the fact that they do fraud to many people is the matter. Be careful.

if you really want to know your credit score at free, check following link which is the government recommended web that provides authentic free credit score report once a year.

by YKK

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