Monday, October 29, 2012

우리의 결혼생활 유지 방법

아내와 저의 결혼생활에 대해 인터뷰를 요청한 사람이 있어서 각 질문에 아래와 같이 답변을 했습니다. (모든 답변은 아내와 제가 동일하게 응답한 것입니다.)

1. What do you do specifically for building strong relationship in a marriage?

We try to go out once a week as a couple for ‘quality time’, which means we set apart the time regularly to invest in our marriage relationship despite the hectic schedule. By doing so we remind each other that God designed our mar
riage before everything else like ministry or study.

2. what do you do for spiritual growing with your spouse?

We often share inspiration, words, ideas with each other, which we had through worship, fellowship at church, personal devotion and bible study. Being on the same page spiritually as a couple is the most important and valuable thing in marriage relationship.

3. Some stresses you have experienced in marriage?

When we only demand things from each other rather than giving out then we have some stressful moments. If we expect certain things from the spouse but not from God who is the ultimate provider of our needs, stress is unavoidable. Just like the bible says if we die to ourselves then we’ll live in Christ.

4. How do you overcome conflicts you have faced?
It’s not always the same but we try to help each other just be himself/herself and yet find a way to express how we feel using ‘I’ word without being emotional. That way we can avoid hurting each other’s feelings and still be honest about ourselves. Through a good communication we can understand each other better than before, handling the conflicts wisely.
(Although we are a couple, each one has a different personality and a unique way to process and to release stress in the conflicts. One has to talk about the matter right away while the other needs some time to process alone. )

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