Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dear Emily (from Debbie in Bombay)

Leadership Development Course 에서 (Emily 왼쪽 세번째 라인 하얀 옷의 파란 목라인 백인여성) (Debbie 가운데 연두색 옷에 진주를 안고있는 김영기의 바로 뒤에 진우를 안고 웃고 있는 미모의 여성)

Hello Emily

It’s Debbie in Bombay.
I’m so sorry that it took me such a long time to write you.
But I always thought about your family.
When a Korean team was there we were planning to visit you but it also didn’t work out.
There was some difficult situation that held us back in Mumbai.
I really hope that we’ll get another chance to visit your place.
It’ll be wonderful!

And now I am writing you missing you so much.
I often thought of small Shristi (I’m sorry if the spelling is wrong.) and your little baby who’s going to bring more joy to your family soon.
I remember your due date is in May, right?
You must be having a big stomach these days.
I wish I could be there to see you with the baby.

Raising my two beautiful kids I don’t have much time even for myself.
Time flies away with these two and I’m overwhelmed by the way God leads me to be a better mom everyday.
Surely I’m learning a lot although I struggle many times.
And after LDC I am doing much better than before.
These days Jinju and Jinwoo are playing together very well.
It’s a privilege to have both of them in my life.

I think it’s mysterious when we see how God blesses our lives with little ones.
I pray that your family will all enjoy this special time with the new baby.
I’ll keep you and your family in my prayer.
God will protect you and your new baby.
Please take care

Hope to see you soon

Yours, Debbie in Mumbai.

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