Wednesday, June 19, 2024

 지난번 사고로인해 폐차 되면서도 돈을 남기며 감동을 주던 혼다 어코드(Honda Accord)가 아직 그립습니다. 하지만 떠나 보내야 맞이함을 누릴 수 있다는 생각에 이번에는 새로운 친구 토요타 캠리(Toyota Camry XLE)를 입양했습니다. 저를 보자마자 자기가 저를 오랜동안 기다렸다고 윙크를 하는 바람에 집으로 데려왔는데 참 잘한것 같습니다. 오래 같이 살자. (I still miss the Honda Accord that was totaled in the last accident, even though it left a lasting impression by leaving some money behind. However, I realized that I have to let go to welcome something new. So, this time, I adopted a new friend: the Toyota Camry XLE. As soon as it saw me, it winked as if it had been waiting for me for a long time. I brought it home, and it seems like a great decision. Here's to living together for a long time.)

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