Thursday, July 19, 2007

Izabel it's Debbie

Dear Izabel

It’s hard to sit and write e-mail without interruption...
But it’s also GREAT to write you, Izabel!!
Time really flies away as always and I feel very awkward about the fact that I will visit Korea soon.
And you’re going to come back as soon as we leave.
I’ll miss you even more than before!

Since 3 weeks back I started to exercise in the swimming pool everyday.
Youngki taught me how to swim this Summer and I liked it very much.
Still I am not a great swimmer but I do enjoy spending time in the water.
Actually the water was incredibly dirty during Summer time due to coaching classes for so many children.
Sometimes it was really yellowish or greenish. It was even smelly.
I couldn’t even see what was before me in the water.
And I got some skin allergy.
But I can’t stop swimming because it’s helping me so much now.
I wake up 6:30 to jump in the water and come back home 7:10 to send Jinju to school.

Jinju goes to Mahima again.
Herin and another Korean family’s kids also go to the school.
We met Sook ja and spent time talking about Jinju and the problems.
She told teachers about it, I think.
So one of teachers always come in the bus in the morning and afternoon as well.
I’m very happy that Sook ja is helping us with generosity.
Last week Jinju told me except the driver no adult was in the car on the way back home.
Since she is the last student to get off I was concerned and youngki told Sook ja about it.
And she told us that whenever things like this happen we can tell her.
She said she already told her staffs to go with kids in the car but they didn’t obey her.

As you told me before, I think we can still take more time to consider home schooling.

Youngki and I are still positive about that.

Jinwoo is growing to be a strong boy.
He is very friendly and healthy.
And he beats his sister sometimes.
Raising a boy is a very different experience, I think.
Youngki enjoys our little boy so much.
He cried when Jinju was going to school first week, calling ‘Nuna’,which means ‘older sister’ in Korean.
When Jinju comes back home he only sticks to her eating, playing and fighting together.
And he still tries to knock on your door when we go out.
Jinju also misses Karina and Dani saying we need to visit Brazil soon.

I wish you could be here with me, Izabel.

Life seems complicated sometimes. But next day I feel it’s very simple.
Youngki and I talk often about our future.
We both feel that we are getting old, which means we have to be much more careful in what we do or what we say.
And I also feel that we need to focus on Jesus more than before. He is our only hope and desire.

One Korean team has arrived this morning.

They brought me home made Kimchi!
It can’t be better than this!
After the team leaves we’ll be getting ready for the trip to Korea.

Is life simple or complicated, Izabel?

Joshua would say it’s simple and I want to agree with him this time.
Please take care Izabel!
I’ll write you again.
Good night!

With love Debbie in Bombay